boxOur main production is boxes of wood and plywood.

Those can be used for:

and special use, as for packing
metal products,
ceramics etc.

Our products are easily to be mounted on spot and take a small space at transportation.

We produce boxes with different levels of difficulty and at even very compatible prices.

In case you have no drawings, our engineers will design necessary packages.

The basis of wood and plywood boxes production is modern technology, which provides both low net price and high compactness indicators. In relation to the latter the transport costs are reduced significantly. Original constructional solutions, used at producing boxes, allow placing boxes on each other while transporting.

The plywood details of the boxes are fixed to each other with perforated metal band. This kind on fixation is quick and safe and enables to pack the boxes together during transportation very easily and to start using them again later on.

To connect wooden details, we use special (KARTRO) nails with glue or curves, which ensure the proof and firm connection of the details.

We use different kinds of waterproof and anticorrosive films while packaging the products (CORTEC and ZERUST), that protect the content of the boxes against dampness and salt seawater agents.

It is possible to use silk-screen printing to apply logo or marks etc on the plywood boxes according to clients wish.