The WISA-Panel and WISA-Decor are both grooved ready-to-install spruce plywood panels. The difference between them is that WISA-Panel has U-shaped groove while WISA-Decor’s grooving is W-shaped, both at intervals of 75 mm or 100 mm.  The surface of the panel is grooved to simulate timber panelling. The wide size of the panel, light weight and the half-lap joint on the long edges make installation of this material easy. 



Field Of Application

The WISA-Panel and WISA-Decor panels are used for interior lining of furniture and panelling of walls and ceilings. With proper surface treatment, exterior use is also recommended.


Surface:    Face: grade II.   Reverse: grade III. 

Nominal thicknesses:      WISA-Decor 7.5, 10 and 12 mm

Nominal thicknesses:      WISA-Panel 8, 10 and 12 mm

Panel sizes:          2500/2440/2400 x 1210/610 mm

Properties:   Easy to install,  Light weight,  Half lap joint,  PEFC certified.

End-uses:   Interior lining panelling,  Walls,  Ceilings.